Friday, July 10, 2015

Las Vegas Real Estate News Show on Fox Starring Bob Massi

In Vegas Real Estate News, Fox News is airing a real estate show featuring feel good stories from business and families who recovered following the southern Nevada real estate market crash. The show titled “Bob Massi is the Property Man” features Fox News legal analyst Bob Massi and other real estate experts who offer advice and analysis of the Las Vegas real estate market. 

“I’m excited about the show because it highlights how far the Las Vegas real estate market has come in the last few years. We’re in full recovery mode. In fact, we’re beyond that. The Las Vegas homes sales market is doing very well. Major networks like Fox don’t want to waste their valuable programming time on markets they don’t think are worth covering,” said local Las Vegas realtor Leslie Hoke.

Leslie Hoke is a seasoned Las Vegas realtor with over 11 years of experience buying and selling real estate in southern Nevada. After a successful tenure at the Disney Corporation, Leslie moved to Las Vegas to pursue her goal of a successful career in real estate. 

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